Saturday, 26 November 2011

The FTN Children in Need after-show blog

Well it was certainly a 27 hour radio marathon to remember. I hope you were all able to join us last week because it was an experience.

You don't know what I'm talking about? Then here is a little refresher.
Myself and Marc sat in our radio studio for 27 hours on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 November as we broadcast live across the world all in aid of the BBC charity event Children in Need.

We raised an amazing £500+ (thank you to everyone who donated) and had some amazing fun. Particular highlights included big Phil walking into the studio with Spock ears cellotaped to his, er, ears. He even ventured into a petrol station with them attached a week before. Mad man!
A lot of the marathon is a bit of a blur to be honest but I know I haven't laughed like I did last week in such a long time. We had such a blast and hope that came across the airwaves too.

Another big thank you to the aforementioned Phil who joined us in the studio for approximately 18 of those 27 hours and who I kinda shouted at with 50 minutes of the broadcast to go. Apologies big man, I was tired and grumpy and you were WAYYYY to excited for that time of the night.

While the big event is now over you can still donate here.Marc is also working on our very own ebay page were you will be able to bid for some cool items (visit our facebook page for more info in the coming weeks) that were donated to us from various sources for Children in Need.

That's all for now everyone. I'm still recovering from the worst 'cold' of all time but, ofcourse, I got no sympathy from the FTN Emperor. Ah well, I'll make sure I have a moan or two during next week's radio show.

Until then.....

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The FTN Children in Need pre-show blog

Hi everyone. It's been a few weeks since I last spoke to you but I've got a big excuse.

Yes, Following the Nerd is just one day away from starting its 27 hour Children in Need radio marathon.
Myself and Marc are finalising (well Marc is, I'm just there for him to moan at) our guest list, preparing the studio and sorting out delivery times for our pizzas.

Without giving too much away before the big day, I can confirm that we will be talking to voice-over actors from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a major actor from the world of the X-Files, and chatting paranormal stories with one of the hottest podcasters in this realm of geekdom, among other wonderful guests - trust us when we say we leave no geek stone unturned.

I really want to tell you more but if I did Marc would threaten to order a pizza with pineapple and we can't be having that.

One of the things that I can confirm is that we will be hosting a slightly different show this week than we normally do. As well as our usual nerd chat, we will have a special breakfast show which will veer away from the usual movie/tv/comic talk and concentrate on the news and sport of the day, as well as the latest chart hits. Later on Friday afternoon our drivetime segment will be hosted by myself, with a wonderful interview I took part in earlier this week. If you like rock music, and more specifically Queen, you will love it.

As you know this week's marathon is all in aid of Children in Need. This famous BBC charity event raises money for those less forunate than ourselves and I would urge you all to donate as much as you can. We know times are hard for everyone but even donating a pound can make that little bit of a difference.
We have set up a fundraising page which you can visit here and any donation will go straight to Children in Need, so please give whatever you can.

It's 2.30am as I write this and I know Marc is also working away on a few other things at the minute so I'll bid you a farewell and speak to you again on Thursday evening (UK time).