Thursday, 19 May 2011

Another show... another night of chaos!


So we've just done our latest radio show in the Shine Studio and what a busy show it was!

We had the guys from Mental Deficiency in the studio with myself and Mark, and they were CRAZY! These guys are, like us, hard core nerds and all the cooler for it lol.

But, I digress... since last I Nerd blogged we've had a busy time... on Monday night I went to The Grand Opera House in Belfast to see Spamalot (great seats guys... thank you Nerd press passes :) starring TV's own Phil Jupitus who, sorry Phil, I'm not a big fan off, but in fairness I liked him in this... especially when he was laughing so much unintentionally :) always helps get the audience started too.. not a bad show all in all, very funny in places - especially when it leaves behind the Python stuff we already know and beefs the story out with fresh material. Nice Eric Idle cameo too.

On Tuesday night we spoke with one off, if not THE biggest event organiser in NI, who is keen to get the Nerd involved in upcoming events... and believe us when we say we are giddy as school kids at some of the events that are upcoming :)

On Wednesday we had a bit of a blow when the BBC postponed our Phil Glenister (yes, Gene Hunt himself) until next week... booooo... we were so looking forward to it too, still there's always next week. But on the plus side we got to sit, relax and watch Return of the Jedi with you all @9pm :)

Then tonight we had our radio show... oh and these guys are good. A modern rock band that draw all influences from some of the greatest sci-fi movies out there (Robocop, Aliens), Mental Defeciency are definately ones to watch... be sure to check out their album launch at The Black Box, Belfast on July 1st - and don't worry listeners from further afield, it's all available on iTunes, Amazon etc too.

Tomorrow night The Nerd will be checking out Hanna, starring one of Hollywood's most unrecognised actors, Eric Bana, with a soundtrack by The Chemical Brothers, our excitement levels are pumped!!!

On Sunday we hope to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides... truth be told, we hear it's pretty poor, but it's handy having a little boy who loves pirates... good excuse to go. So expect reviews of Hanna and Pirates early next week (along with Spamalot review).

Monday and Tuesday are quiet at the minute but that could change very quickly... then, once the weekend is over we start getting ready for Close Encounters: Predators from the 28th in W5, Belfast. This looks like it could be amazing! And since the Emerald Garrison are putting it on you can be sure of great weekend, and then the weekend after we are off to Derry for 2D Comic Con. So, if you are at any of these events, look out for the guys in the red polo shirts... it could be us as we are appearing at each event.

Oh and don't forget we have an Online viewing of Bladerunner on Wednesday night from 9pm EST. Which is exactly when my press showing of The Hangover II is on. All I have to do is work out how to split myself in two and I'm all sorted :)

Tie all that in with the website getting near completion, the fact that we are looking at podcasting AND the fact that we just passed 1,000 on Facebook and, well, the party never stops. BTW much love to all our fans :)

Wow... busy is only the start of it.

Wherever this blog finds you and whatever you're doing, I hope it finds you well... until next time, remember... you nerd it first

Much love,

Daddy Nerd

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  1. Sounds like you all had a great radio show! I got a chance to see Hanna a few weeks back here are my thoughts: