Saturday, 14 May 2011

Blog virginity finally taken...

So, here is the first Nerd blog...

While sitting watching the Eurovision Song Contest (it's my wife watching... I swear) it is overwhelming how many 'nerd' related things there are to do, read, watch, work on, save...

First up is our third massive online movie viewing this Wednesday night, when we will host a global viewing of Return of the Jedi after a very successful viewing over the last two weeks of A New Hope and Jedi. But where next week? Do we go classic (Bladerunner, The Day the Earth Stood Still)? Obvious (Phantom Menace)? Modern (LOTR, Matrix)? Or do we go with our gut feelings and let our fans decide? hmmmm

Secondly, Daddy Nerd is sooooooooooooo preoccupied with the NISMA next week.. how did we do? We were finalists in three categories, and while we said it was enough, now that it's so close, we want a win, y'know? But we didn't push enough and we know we'll pay for that...

Our North Belfast Paranormal friends are away tonight ghosthunting and sadly we can't be there, but the mind is racing about next month's hunt...

We have a few important meetings this week, the house is coming down with guest reviews and interviews and on Wednesday we are intervieing the big man himself, the Gene Genie, Mr Philip Glenister and, while we don't usually feel nervous, this one is giving us butterflies...

On Monday night we are off to the Grand Opera House in Belfast to the Press Showing of Spamalot and how could we not be excited about this?!

We have a few guest blogs to write... reviews are still going on... a load of vids to upload on our youtube channel, we need to look into what we plan on doing at the Predators Convention at W5 at the end of the month, not to mention the fact we are seriously considering looking at the radio show and giving it a more structured approach.

We are planning out our live broadcast from Stormont later this month... man oh man, it's getting crazy...

But now we have the first blog out of the way here's hoping we can keep you all uptodate, informed and entertained from here on in...

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And remember, you Nerd it here first :)


  1. Am I your first commenter? Yeah! Now give me a cookie! .

    Congrats on the new blog, Nerds. Live Long and Prosper, Use the Force, All Things Serve The Beam, and any other nerdy sayings I can't think of right this momment :)

  2. You're the first Sharon... we thank you :)

  3. Congrats on your first blog! It looks as though you are going to be very busy... Are you a full-time nerd or do you have a job which you enjoy in moderation?

  4. Hey Guylaine13, we work fulltime too.. The Nerd is swiftly becoming a second fulltime job. Albeit much more fun :)

  5. looking forward to getting regular nerdiness via your blog.

  6. Let the fans decide what movies!! I reckon we should hold either a draw from recommendations, or hold a comp at the end of the weekly movie to see who gets to pick next weeks.

    Yay for the blog, I have added you to my google reader :D